Isaac Kiwango is a management and development consultant with over thirty years of professional experience, much of which has been in consultancy and research services, his key skills are in Monitoring and Evaluation, Financial Management, Strategy Development, Organizational Development, Human Resource Development, Capacity Building, Institutional Development and training in the areas of leadership and organizational development, performance management, relational database developments, information systems development, networking strategies, data management and software evaluations and monitoring and evaluation. Isaac is a founding partner of KIM Consulting and he has vast experience of working regionally and internationally touching on many assignments of varied nature. He has consulted in Monitoring and Evaluation through preparation of many mid-term and end line evaluations, design of M&E systems, surveys, research designs, longitudinal studies and strategic plans of international organisations and regionally. Isaac has also vast experience and knowledge of health human resource systems and also public reform programs having played a key part in past Pubic Service Reform Programs of the Government of Tanzania. Between 2002 and 2004 Isaac was involved with the implementation of the Performance Management System in the government. In the same project he was involved with the facilitation of preparing the Performance Improvement Funds applications for MDA’s.